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Your humble reporter has visited many car clubs in the past years and I bring you the written account of all experience summed up on the road.
There was much enjoyment, excitement, but also bafflement.

Car clubs are mostly organizations made by enthusiasts and car lovers, who are usually in to the same brand, of a type of a car. Sometimes it can be a particular style, like old timers or race cars, other times it can be their common passion and interest in a particular series.

These organizations are usually non-profit and there to accommodate enthusiasts of all sorts, amateurs or professionals.

Anyone can participate and get a taste of what the club offers. That freedom of participation allowed me to get the first hand experience at some of their manifestations and happenings, held all throughout the year.

This time I present to you the BMW car club of America.

It is naturally based in the U.S. and comprised of enthusiasts and owners of BMW cars. As far as I was able to assess, the whole club is organized into five regions, with over 60 chapters, and they boast with over 75000 members! That’s within the U.S. alone. These figures make this club the largest BMW organization in the World.

Getting in to this club was surprisingly easy and without any complication. As a reporter/researcher, I had my pass, but really all you need is a BMW car and maybe a few forms to fill out online.

Being a member provides you with various benefits, such as education and personal invitations to numerous happenings all across the states.

The BMW Car Club of America holds those different events and happenings around the world all the time, like: rallies, high-performance driver’s education, autocross, owner education, etc…

While most of the happenings speak for themselves, the owner education event is held to help educate owners on matters such as automotive maintenance, mechanical repair, and collecting vintage models.

It really is a first hand opportunity to get the highest professional education and understanding for your machine, deepening your relationship to your car even further.

The first BMW Car Club of America was founded in 1969, in Boston. IT was firstly meant to support BMW owners, providing them with education, but also discounts and special offers. The club then grew, expanding in to various subsidiaries and branches.

The current headquarters of the BMW CCA is in Greenville, SC. It is governed by the elected board of directors. There are further five regional vice presidents that represent the organization’s interests in the chapters.

Each of the chapters functions as an individual and independent corporation and has the minimum standard of service to the membership. Probably the most interesting thing about the hierarchy is that almost all the chapters are geographically placed.

What really surprised me is that the BMW CCA also has a foundation to its name that serves as a charitable organization with the goal of preserving the history of the brand in the U.S., as well as the club’s history.

It also expanded on to Driver Safety School Programs, or Street Survival as it is more commonly known.

The education was mainly aimed at young drivers, 16-21 of age.

The club also has its own magazine, the ‘Rounde’. It is a monthly magazine, much better organized and wider than a plain newsletter, which is what most car clubs go.

The magazine covers the club’s history, the history of the BMW, but it also reviews current models and trends in the automobile world.

All in all, it was really an incredible experience to witness firsthand how far can a simple car club organization go, and how big and important its role can be for the car owners, as well as the traffic in general.

Car club, Shopping

The answer is of course yes! There were too many priceless moments I’ve had in trying out old, classic, and rare cars to not save them on film.

Dash cams are generally used for safety, as many of you well know, but the features they possess and the options they provide are vast and versatile, so I’ve used them this way.

First of all, most, if not all, car dashboard cameras can easily fit in any car. They generally have a mounting bracket system that uses a suction cup to stick to the frontal windshield. I’ve paid attention to chose one that has a particularly strong mounting bracket, but you should be good if you choose anywhere in the mid-ranged camera class.

If for some reason I couldn’t use the windshield, if I was afraid of leaving a mark or the car simply did not have one, there are many other ways you can install them.

Sound is also very important. I chose one that can capture a good sound, because there really aren’t enough words to describe the sound of some of these old engines.

In some of the car clubs there are insurances that cover any potential breakdowns you might have during your time in the car, but the cam was there just in case to back up any potential problem. I haven’t had any.

Car dashboard cameras have excellent resolution. They average on 1080p, and so this is quite a good way of documenting any moments you might have during your riding. Also, most of them can take pretty decent photos, which is naturally needed.

Now, one potential problem you might encounter sometimes is with the power.  Car dashboard cameras mostly draw power from the car’s cigarette socket, and they must remain plugged in constantly. While most of the cars I tried out had it, sometimes you must make sure that the car you are driving has the cigarette lighter, and if it’s the same usual size.

Now, I also made a mistake of bringing a single cam with me, because it would have been so much better if I had a duo dash cam. I would use the front cam in the usual way, but the other one I would use to film the cars inside.

You can’t imagine the beauty I’ve had the privilege of enjoying in many of these models.

The leather, the seats, the dashboard systems… They are all absolutely priceless.

Also, the GPS system on my cam was put to good use, cause it helped me navigate the streets of cities I did not know, and also I was later able to review the routes I took, all stored together with my footage.

Having a dash cam is a must if you are a car lover, especially if you are a member of a car club of any type. Race, classic…every memory is worth having filmed and saved.

Car club

On my travels I’ve had the privilege of visiting many car clubs around the World. Car clubs are a pleasant place, as many of you know or imagine because they are mostly organizations that exist solely for passion towards a certain car brand or type. This passion is shared amongst all of its members, so car clubs are usually a place filled with understanding, comprised of people with the same love and drive as you are.

A definite privilege was my time spent in the Classic Car Club London.

Classic car club London is naturally a car sharing organization that is being operated by the London Classic Autos Ltd. It’s been founded in 1995, and at that time it was the first car sharing organization in the entire U.K. In the beginning it had around 50 vehicles all based in the Hoxton headquarters. Classic Car Club London is different from many similar car sharing clubs today because it provides sharing of sports and classic cars dating from 1959 even, up until 2015.

The opportunities each member has are unique and it is really a place where you can have experiences rarely lived anywhere else.

It was established by a group of pure enthusiasts, who owned classic cars at that time. Originally, they were based at Kings Cross, but they later expanded and had premises in Islington, and lastly in Hoxton, that remains its headquarters until this very day.

My time there was a privilege also because the membership to the club is not open as it is with other clubs. In order to gain access you have to provide references and wait for approval from the company’s board of directors. After being accepted and paying the yearly membership fee, each member is awarded with points.

These points are than exchanged for your time spent driving your selected car. The system in which you spend points depends heavily on the type of the car you select, but also the peak/off peak use. You will have insurance included in your membership fee, as well as the potential breakdown costs, but fuel and parking costs you will have to cover yourself.

Now, there is around 40 cars included in the club’s selection. There are cars like the 1963 Jaguar E-Type, 1965 Ford Mustang, 1975 Aston Martin, etc… They are all stored at the club’s headquarters.

The club organizes various venues and happenings, using their Old Street former premises. They also have a franchise in New York City, where they are offering an entirely different venue of cars.

The experience and the opportunity I had during my time there can only be described as priceless, as most of these cars aren’t available anywhere else in the World. It is really the best way of trying out these old but gold models, and getting to know how it felt driving them in the old days.

Car club

During my membership in the Sports Car Club of America, I’ve had the pleasure of trying out some of the best sports cars in the World.

The Sports Car Club of America is a bit different from other car clubs I’ve visited because it focuses solely on racing and has its fingers in some of the most famous global racing events.

While other car clubs usually provide its members with opportunities to drive rare cars or cars that are too expensive for their taste, the aim of the Sports Car Club of America is to bring motor sports to those who are passionate about them.

It was established in 1944. It covers over 114 regions in America alone and it often has regional and national events on a yearly basis. This is their main way of attracting members.
The way they work is that they provide an opportunity for their members to participate in all grades, as much or as little as they want. You can be an experienced race driver or simply a beginner, all you need to be a member is to have passion and love for cars, sound and speed or the motor-sports.

So, this organization exists firstly to celebrate and promote competition in motor-sports.

They trace their roots back to the Automobile Racing Club of America (ARCA). This is not to be confused with the current stock car series of the same name.

The ARCA were established in 1933 by brothers Sam and Miles Collier. They dissolved in 1941 because of the WWII. Later on, in 1944, the SCCA was formed as an enthusiast group, and they began sanctioning road racing since 1948, beginning with the Watkins Glen Grand Prix. This event was organized in part by Cameron Argetsinger, who was a member at that time but later became the Director of Pro Racing and the Executive Director of the SCCA.

It was hard for me to track all the events the SCCA covers today, but they sanction professional racing, club racing, autocross, rallying, and time trials.

The organization itself is divided into nine divisions and 115 regions. Each of these organizes its own events in their respective areas, making events much more accessible to people. IF you are a member and you live in the U.S. you can be sure you won’t have to travel that far to get to an event near you, which is quite impressive. Northern and Southern Pacific divisions were one division, but split in 1966, increasing the number of divisions. The Rocky Mountain Division also did that, but quite recently. In 2006, the Great Lakes Division split from the Central Division and the final number was formed.

Today, there isn’t a serious racing fan or an enthusiast that hasn’t heard or is not already a member of the SCCA/ The club really does its job incredibly well and has an incredible activity ratio.

Car club

What can you expect from Car clubs?

Car clubs, also known as  car crashing or motor clubs. Car club is basically a group of people who are interested in motor vehicles.  The groups are formed according to the brand or one particular type of motor for instance, Lamborghini, Ferrari or trucks ETC. There are two types of car clubs – 1) Offline groups and 2) Online communities. Offline groups are traditional groups as wiki states are voluntary organized and some were sponsored by car dealers. They would held meets, host shows and cruising events. Online communities are someone like communities that we all are in with one of the niches. But mostly it adds to the growth of the community but most of all the idea of sharing images, having conversations, getting doubts cleared via forums or just going through another auto enthusiastic is a privilege.

USA being one of the enthusiastic in motors. Google search might do miracles to find car club in your area.

What can you expect from these clubs? People of same interest. The meets are a great way to get connected. You can plan an outing with your buddies, help each other with engine build up, Do-It-Yourself sprays and decors to add on your motor. Or you might end up trading each others car. Apart from all that there are these festivals that would be a great break –through towards pursuing your passion. One of such charity festival is in central Florida on April 6-9, 2017 for the 14th annual Celebration Exotic Car. It will include show casing of exotic cars, Hollywood cars and iconic cars along with celebrities just for raising awareness towards children’s health. Register your car for after –show event entries. If you have that interest in cars then it’s a gateway for your to join the car club at your area. Make a gang, cruise hot with the wheels.