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Do I use a Dashboard Camera in my Reports from on the Road?

The answer is of course yes! There were too many priceless moments I’ve had in trying out old, classic, and rare cars to not save them on film.

Dash cams are generally used for safety, as many of you well know, but the features they possess and the options they provide are vast and versatile, so I’ve used them this way.

First of all, most, if not all, car dashboard cameras can easily fit in any car. They generally have a mounting bracket system that uses a suction cup to stick to the frontal windshield. I’ve paid attention to chose one that has a particularly strong mounting bracket, but you should be good if you choose anywhere in the mid-ranged camera class.

If for some reason I couldn’t use the windshield, if I was afraid of leaving a mark or the car simply did not have one, there are many other ways you can install them.

Sound is also very important. I chose one that can capture a good sound, because there really aren’t enough words to describe the sound of some of these old engines.

In some of the car clubs there are insurances that cover any potential breakdowns you might have during your time in the car, but the cam was there just in case to back up any potential problem. I haven’t had any.

Car dashboard cameras have excellent resolution. They average on 1080p, and so this is quite a good way of documenting any moments you might have during your riding. Also, most of them can take pretty decent photos, which is naturally needed.

Now, one potential problem you might encounter sometimes is with the power.  Car dashboard cameras mostly draw power from the car’s cigarette socket, and they must remain plugged in constantly. While most of the cars I tried out had it, sometimes you must make sure that the car you are driving has the cigarette lighter, and if it’s the same usual size.

Now, I also made a mistake of bringing a single cam with me, because it would have been so much better if I had a duo dash cam. I would use the front cam in the usual way, but the other one I would use to film the cars inside.

You can’t imagine the beauty I’ve had the privilege of enjoying in many of these models.

The leather, the seats, the dashboard systems… They are all absolutely priceless.

Also, the GPS system on my cam was put to good use, cause it helped me navigate the streets of cities I did not know, and also I was later able to review the routes I took, all stored together with my footage.

Having a dash cam is a must if you are a car lover, especially if you are a member of a car club of any type. Race, classic…every memory is worth having filmed and saved.