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Reports from on the Road: Classic Car Club London

On my travels I’ve had the privilege of visiting many car clubs around the World. Car clubs are a pleasant place, as many of you know or imagine because they are mostly organizations that exist solely for passion towards a certain car brand or type. This passion is shared amongst all of its members, so car clubs are usually a place filled with understanding, comprised of people with the same love and drive as you are.

A definite privilege was my time spent in the Classic Car Club London.

Classic car club London is naturally a car sharing organization that is being operated by the London Classic Autos Ltd. It’s been founded in 1995, and at that time it was the first car sharing organization in the entire U.K. In the beginning it had around 50 vehicles all based in the Hoxton headquarters. Classic Car Club London is different from many similar car sharing clubs today because it provides sharing of sports and classic cars dating from 1959 even, up until 2015.

The opportunities each member has are unique and it is really a place where you can have experiences rarely lived anywhere else.

It was established by a group of pure enthusiasts, who owned classic cars at that time. Originally, they were based at Kings Cross, but they later expanded and had premises in Islington, and lastly in Hoxton, that remains its headquarters until this very day.

My time there was a privilege also because the membership to the club is not open as it is with other clubs. In order to gain access you have to provide references and wait for approval from the company’s board of directors. After being accepted and paying the yearly membership fee, each member is awarded with points.

These points are than exchanged for your time spent driving your selected car. The system in which you spend points depends heavily on the type of the car you select, but also the peak/off peak use. You will have insurance included in your membership fee, as well as the potential breakdown costs, but fuel and parking costs you will have to cover yourself.

Now, there is around 40 cars included in the club’s selection. There are cars like the 1963 Jaguar E-Type, 1965 Ford Mustang, 1975 Aston Martin, etc… They are all stored at the club’s headquarters.

The club organizes various venues and happenings, using their Old Street former premises. They also have a franchise in New York City, where they are offering an entirely different venue of cars.

The experience and the opportunity I had during my time there can only be described as priceless, as most of these cars aren’t available anywhere else in the World. It is really the best way of trying out these old but gold models, and getting to know how it felt driving them in the old days.